Why SignificantTV:
SignificantTV. Significant stories. Significant entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and business owners share their motivations and challenges as they highlight aspects of their entrepreneurial journey. In 15-minute interviews, entrepreneurs discuss their goals, roles, responsibilities and the impact of building relationships, results and revenues. The significant business results include lessons from the minds and actions of entrepreneurs. From micro businesses to Inc 5000, these businesses impact the local and regional Philadelphia, PA economy. Guests share what “THEY” think it is significant, including the struggles and successes that help them define and refine their growth.

What is SignificantTV:
SignificantTV is a 15-minute interview format that allows entrepreneurs to share their significant stories in first person, direct to the viewer. The SignificantTV explores the future of entrepreneurship learning, by exploring the present (and wide variety of) realities of being an entrepreneur. 15-minute motivating and informative interviews, hosted by “FranneTastic!” Franne McNeal, Significant Business Results Performance Coach.

The Vibe:
“FranneTastic” Franne McNeal has gathered Significant friends and entrepreneurs in 1:1 conversations, and encourages them to share their stories about their significant path to entrepreneurship, business passion and purpose, as well as client results. Franne brings her vibrant personality, serious listening and insightful questions, to encourage guests to reflect on the ups and downs, as well as the zigs and zags of being an entrepreneurial leader. For the Summer 2016 pilot season, 80 Philadelphia-based entrepreneurs were interviewed.

SignificantTV. Significant stories. Significant entrepreneurs. Significant Business Results.

Mission Statement:
The “Significant” mission is to serve as a world-class business coach and an international thought leader who inspires confidence, collaboration and creative courage and capital in a way that holds business owners accountable to impacting change and communities. We do this through coaching, speaking, writing, radio, TV and other media. The Significant movement helps entrepreneurs “get going, embrace opportunity, find support, accept love and be significant”.

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